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25 Days of Christmas

So I have been looking forward to this Christmas for a while now. Henley is just a few months away from being 2 and this would be the first year she would really be able to start participating and somewhat understand all the fun things going on. So naturally, my corny self wanted to start a new tradition with her. I wanted something more than just getting a new Christmas Dress or Christmas Eve pajamas, because let's be real, she was getting those anyways...I wanted something bigger!

And so, Henley's 25 Days of Christmas was born. Now I'm not totally sure what I was thinking when I came up with this "genius" idea (and no I hadn't had too much wine while thinking this up!) but once I started I was determined to see it through. I had pretty much laid out an activity/event for every day minus a handful that were TBD. The first week or so went pretty smoothly and according to plan but as we got busier and life took over some days were a struggle to make sure we got something in. I also had more outings and places to go planned but the weather didn't always cooperate and then there were one or two that just didn't work out for whatever reason so those usually turned into movie days or reading a story!

All in all I'm glad we did it. It was something new, made some good memories with H and can tell her about it when she is older. Maybe next year we will try the book advent calendar idea or just do '12 Days of Christmas' instead of 25. Good news is I have 11 months to think about it lol!

Henley's 25 Days of Christmas

Day 1: Trip to Hobby Lobby to get supplies for some of her arts & craft projects

Day 2: Cookie day with Nona

Day 3: Stained glass arts & crafts project

Day 4: Read a new Christmas book

Day 5: Watched Mickey's Christmas Carol

Day 6: Painted a snowman

Day 7: Decorated wrapping paper

Day 8: Secret Santa shopping

Day 9: Annual Cookie Day!

Day 10: Made a present for Daddy

Day 11: Wrapped Daddy's present using her wrapping paper

Day 12: Henley's school Christmas show.

Day 13: Watched The Santa Clause (cause Mama had nothing else planned!)

Day 14: Made Christmas cards for H's teachers

Day 15: Gingerbread houses and a boat parade

Day 16: More Christmas Movies!!!

Day 17: Made snowman ornaments

Day 18: Gave Henley's teachers their presents

Day 19: Decorated windows with Christmas stickers

Day 20: Painted presents for Grandparents with cousins

Day 21: Henley and Daddy read a Christmas book

Day 22: Decorated Santa's cookies

Day 23: Went to Mexican and went to see Christmas lights

Day 24: Christmas Eve - shopping tradition with Dad and Britt


xo, Ashley


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