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Fall Trends Without Breaking The Bank

How to try the latest fall trends without splurging on items you may only wear a few times.

There are so many fun fall trends happening right now in fashion and trying them for yourself doesn't mean you have to spend tons of money! One of the downfalls of trends is that they can come and go and you may be into something for a couple weeks/months and then may not wear it again. So when trying a new trend or fashion item that is out of your comfort zone I always recommend skipping the more expensive name brands and finding a more affordable option to try out first! Here are some popular fall trends right now and how to get the look without breaking the bank.

Ok so one of the big trends that started earlier this year and is continuing into fall is belt bags (aka fanny packs). I mean honestly I never would have thought I would be purchasing a fanny pack in my adult life but here we are!

Combat boots started becoming popular last fall/winter and are back for sure this year! My favorite way to style combat boots is with some Spanx leggings or for an edgier look pair with a cute skirt and oversized sweater!

Another big fall/winter accessory is wide brimmed hats! While I have never been a big hat person this is one item I am playing with this fall and loving it so far.

Last but not least is booties! I'm not talking about normal brown or black booties, I'm talking about taking a step out of your comfort zone and going animal print or white (which is huge this year)!




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