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Henley Turns 2

So let me just start by saying that next year we are going to a bounce house or play place and ordering pizza and a cake and calling it a day! But seriously, it was a great day full of fun and we have amazing friends and family that helped us celebrate.

So Henley loves her some Baby Shark so naturally we went with a shark theme for her party. I didn't want it cheesy shark though so I went more ocean/under the sea/shark theme lol. There were a couple things I knew I wanted to do as far as decorations were concerned and then the rest kind of just came together as we started. And don't be fooled...I did not do this by myself...I had plenty of help from my amazing family :)

Balloon Arch Kit - Link Here

For food I tried to keep it as simple as possible so the usual chicken salad sandwiches, fruit and veggie platters, dips, mini corn dogs, etc. So we got some under the sea cookie cutters and I thought it would be cute to make some pb & j's for the kids and cut them out in different sea animal shapes....I think I cut out maybe 10 and then I said screw this and the rest were cut into squares lol. No worries though, we used the cookie cutters on the rice krispy treats as well so they didn't go to waste. The bigger project was the cake! When we got a quote for a picture of a cake I found it was $200!!! hmmm no thanks. So my mom offered to make the cake and ice it...she is a savior! It turned out soo stinking cute and then I melted and colored some white chocolate to make some sharks to put on top!

Under The Sea Cookie Cutters - Link Here

So naturally when I decided to do a baby shark party for H one of my first thoughts was what is H going to wear!! I really didn't want to do a baby shark onsie so keeping with more of a subtle under the sea theme I decided to just put her in a bathing suit and then why not add a tutu. I had looked all over for a bathing suit that looked like waves or water and didn't have much luck and then mom bought her this green and blue suit with what looks like fish scales on it and it worked out great!

Henley's Tutu - Link Here

No matter what we decide to do next year for H's birthday we love getting to love on this happy, spunky little girl everyday!

xo, Ashley


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