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Spring Break Must Haves

Who doesn't love Spring Break? I mean not that I actually have any plans or a vacation booked for Spring Break, but there is just something about it being Spring Break time that calls for some fun in the sun!

I decided to round up my top 12 staple items that would definitely be in my suit case if I was going on a Spring Break trip! Everything from a cute "going out" outfit to some cheap sunglasses (I do not plan on covering that expensive pair in sunscreen and sand or losing them in the water!!) and a great pair of denim shorts are included. :) Hope you enjoy and maybe you will snag one or two things to bring along on your next trip!

1. Round Straw Crossbody

2. Fringe Hem Hoodie Cover Up

3. Pool Slides

4. High-Waisted Denim Shorts

5. NY Baseball Hat

6. Straw Beach Bag

7. Striped Jumpsuit

8. Platform Sandals

9. Oversized Maxi Dress

10. Semi Rimless Polarized Sunglasses

11. High Neck Striped Tank Top

12. Frayed Sandal

xo, Ashley


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