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Spring Old Navy Try On

Alright so here goes my totally not planned Old Navy try on! I feel like this try on became a series of "where is Henley" in my stories and pictures. Oh well, that's what you get when you are trying on clothes with a toddler lol. You can get more info and detail on each of the items in my Instagram Stories. This try on is saved in my highlights labeled "Old Navy Try On".

So I initially went into Old Navy looking for some more active wear pieces so first up is some active wear items!

1. Top - wearing my normal small

2. Shorts - wearing a small

3. T-Shirt - sized down to an xs

4. Leggings - wearing a medium

5. Jacket - wearing a small

6. Joggers - sized down to an xs

7. Leggings - wearing a medium

Next are some good basics for spring/summer including an amazing jumpsuit that is perfect to dress up or down for any spring/summer occasion!

8. Pants - sized down to an xs

9. Tunic - wearing normal small

10. Shorts - wearing normal size 4

11. Jumpsuit - sized down to xs

xo, Ashley


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