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Teeth Whitening for Sensitive Teeth

Ok let's be honest, now a days there are a million teeth whitening options out there from whitening strips you can grab at your local grocery store to in office visits. When I had the opportunity to partner with Smile Brilliant I thought, this is the perfect option for me, and let me tell you why.

I have always had thin teeth making them both susceptible to discoloration and sensitive! Fun combo huh? And let's be real, I love both coffee and wine so that doesn't help! So when it came to teeth whitening, I always thought "oh that would be nice, I should try that" but never found a product I loved and felt confident in until now!

3 Reasons I Love Smile Brilliant

1. Custom Fitted Whitening Trays - I absolutely loved the idea of getting custom fitted whitening trays! By doing custom trays you are guaranteed to make sure the teeth whitening gel is spread evenly among all your teeth.

2. De-Sensitizing Gel - One of the big things that sold me was the desensitizing gel. Knowing that I have sensitive teeth I felt so much more comfortable knowing Smile Brilliant offered a desensitizing gel to help combat any sensitivity I may experience. Big win for me!!

3. Results - I was so shocked that after my first two 45 minute sessions I could see visible results! It was so encouraging to see the product work so quickly and only made me want to continue!

My Before & After!

Now let's talk about the doing an actual whitening session. They recommend you do your sessions at night before bed to maximize the amount of time before you reintroduce any food or drinks that stain your teeth. Doing them at night turned out to work perfectly for me and my schedule! I would put Henley to bed and then put in my trays, set a timer (because I would totally lose track of time if not!) and either read, do laundry, work or whatever else needed to get done! Before I knew it my timer was going off and voila, all done.

The best part of all is one of you are going to win a custom fitted at home teeth whitening kit valued at $149!!! Make sure you visit the link below to enter! You can also enjoy 15% off storewide with code: astaplelife15

Giveaway Link:

xo, Ashley


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